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Press Releases 2024

Prostate cancer: Newly-developed inhibitor shows massive potential
New epigenetic inhibitor is also effective in treatment-resistant prostate cancer cells
Red deer populations in Europe: more influenced by humans than by wolves and other predators
An international study shows that human hunting and land use have a decisive influence on red deer density in Europe. Red deer density is only reduced when wolves, lynx and bears co-occur at the same site. Research findings shed new light on the wolf’s return to Central Europe.
Maturation instead of cell death: Defective signalling pathways disrupt immune cell development
Researchers at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Freiburg discover key factor in the development of immune cells / New approaches for the treatment of ALPS
Most international universities 2024
The University of Freiburg is one of the hundred most international universities in the world
The Sustainability Innovation Campus is Launched
The fifth Innovation Campus in Baden-Württemberg aims to provide scientific guidance for the transformation to a sustainable lifestyle
Statement by the University of Freiburg on strengthening diversity, democracy and the rule of law
"We protect plurality and scientific knowledge from anti-scientific and undemocratic currents."
3D-printed pneumatic modules replace electric controls in soft robots
Research team at the University of Freiburg develops 3D-printed pneumatic logic modules that control the movements of soft robots using only air pressure
Strengthening the impact of Freiburg’s research
The University of Freiburg has been successful in the current round of the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments.
The Young Academy for Sustainability Research is going into another round
The Eva Mayr-Stihl Foundation is extending 1.26 million euros of support for the Young Academy for Sustainability Research (YAS) until 2027, with even greater internationalisation among its aims for this next round.
Nearly Complete Genome Version of Spreading Earth Moss (Physcomitrium patens)
A research team including University of Freiburg scientists presents new data on the model plant
Spy-satellite images offer insights into historical ecosystem changes
New study advocates the use of more than one million declassified images for ecology and conservation.
A large forest clearcut from the 1960s in the vicinity of a one-hectare forest research plot in the Southern Black Forest Region. Although much of the area is forested today, historical harvests have changed the forest structure and composition. Left: Historical spy-satellite image. Right: Current Google Earth Image.
Statement by the University of Freiburg Senate against racism and anti-Semitism
The University of Freiburg Senate passed a resolution against racism and anti-Semitism at its meeting on 21 February 2024.
Statement by the University of Freiburg for diversity and mutual respect
Given the current political and social events surrounding the war in the Middle East, the University of Freiburg is also receiving an increasing number of enquiries, particularly regarding the role of the University and offers of help for its members. In line with the diversity of our members, the enquiries cover a broad spectrum of opinions.
First Step Toward Early Diagnosis of Metastasis
Team involving the University of Freiburg has developed a new analytical method for the basement membrane in human lungs
Using Data to Improve Understanding of Relationships between Proteins and Diseases
Working with a new Emmy Noether Group, Dr. Pascal Schlosser is investigating how machine learning can aid in understanding the complex relationships between genes, proteins, and diseases
Jürgen Kleine-Vehn is the new speaker for Freiburg’s CIBSS Cluster of Excellence
Since January, plant scientist Professor Jürgen Kleine-Vehn has rounded off the team of three speakers at the University of Freiburg’s Cluster of Excellence CIBSS – Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies. He gave an interview about what he finds so fascinating about researching biological signals, and what is special about the University of Freiburg.
How surface roughness influences the adhesion of soft materials
Research team discovers universal mechanism that leads to adhesion hysteresis in soft materials
The simulation shows the contact area of a soft solid
The simulation shows the contact area of a soft solid that is separated from a rough surface. Each coloured spot corresponds to an instability of the contact. The different colour intensity shows how much energy is lost in the process. Source: Antoine Sanner, Lars Pastewka.
Award ceremony: Jörn Leonhard receives Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize
On 13 March 2024, the German Research Foundation (DFG) awarded the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize to Freiburg historian Jörn Leonhard
For excellent doctorate conditions
In future, the Graduate Centre (GraCe) will unite the services for doctoral candidates at the University of Freiburg under one roof
Understanding Epigenetic Mechanisms during Brain Development
Tanja Vogel is coordinating the new German Research Foundation Priority Programme EPIADAPT
Funding for research beyond national borders
“AUTOMETA” develops microfluidic chips to make personalised treatment with medicines more effective