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Julia Gurol-Haller is the new speaker of the Junge Akademie

The University of Freiburg Political Scientist sees the societal role of research as a key issue of her term in office

Freiburg, Jul 03, 2024

The University of Freiburg political scientist Julia Gurol-Haller is the new speaker of the Junge Akademie. At the end of June, she officially took office for the position she will hold for a year. During this time, Gurol-Haller will been leading the Junge Akademie´s board and publicly representing the organization. “Last year has shown us freedom in academe and research is not a given,” says the political scientist. “In view of the actual, global political situation, we’ve got to pose the question of what role research and academe can and should play in societal discourse anew. This issue will surely dominate the work of our board in the coming year as well,” says Gurol-Haller.

Gurol-Haller. Photo: Mathias Kutt

Dr. Julia Gurol-Haller. Photo: Mathias Kutt

Julia Gurol-Haller

Gurol-Haller is a lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the University of Freiburg. Among her research emphases are China’s foreign and security policies, global authoritarianism, Chinese narratives and concepts of world order, as well as the “Belt and Road Initiative” (New Silk Roads Initiative). She was a co-leader of the research project “Global Autocratic Collaboration in Times of COVID-19” and is an associate fellow of the Arnold Bergstraesser Institute of Freiburg.

The Junge Akademie

Each year the Junge Akademie selects ten young researchers from all over Germany. In addition to their own research, the Junge Akademie gives them a five-year opportunity to work on cooperative projects and formats which are on the interface of research, art, and society. The Junge Akademie is supported by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina. Gurol-Haller became a member in 2022. She has already been on the board for a year.


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