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University of Freiburg researchers transcend the traditional boundaries between the disciplines, working together to advance scientific knowledge and work out solutions to the great challenges of the future.


Green Hydrogen

Severin Vierrath and his team develop a new process of electrolysis as well as new materials for fuel cells

Green Hydrogen - Read More…

Hearing thanks to light stimulation

Freiburg researchers develop new cochlear implant that processes acoustic stimuli using micro-LEDs in the cochlea

Hearing thanks to light stimulation - Read More…

Lifelike artificial organs

Enhanced superheroes inspire a Freiburg researcher to develop biomimetic soft robotics

Lifelike artificial organs - Read More…

A Kaleidoscopic View of Corona

In a new series of video podcasts Freiburg researchers offer their perspectives on the effects of the pandemic

A Kaleidoscopic View of Corona - Read More…

Dictatorship and Historical Justice

The Chinese Studies professor Daniel Leese has written a book about coming to terms with the Cultural Revolution in China

Dictatorship and Historical Justice - Read More…

Tune in to uni'hören

The new series of audio podcasts focuses on questions about current and future developments from the point of view of researchers at the University of Freiburg

Tune in to uni'hören - Read More…

Crisp and Young, Like the Queen

Evolutionary biologist Judith Korb is using termites to research how social factors influence aging

Crisp and Young, Like the Queen - Read More…

Network of Silk Roads

The historian Sitta von Reden explores trade and commerce in antiquity

Network of Silk Roads - Read More…

Secret Recipe in the Genome

Asifa Akhtar demonstrates how epigenetics works: starting from the X chromosome of fruit flies, her results apply to humans as wells

Secret Recipe in the Genome - Read More…

Who ya gonna call?

Anna Lux has studied how public media presented Hans Bender and the highly-controversial subject of parapsychology

Who ya gonna call? - Read More…