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University of Freiburg researchers transcend the traditional boundaries between the disciplines, working together to advance scientific knowledge and work out solutions to the great challenges of the future.


Pop songs about the pandemic

German corona songs are a feel-good program with a light-hearted approach to a serious subject about the virus

Pop songs about the pandemic - Read More…

Landesforschungspreis for Anna Köttgen

Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts honors Freiburg medical scientist and epidemiologist

Landesforschungspreis for Anna Köttgen - Read More…

A Sumptuous Feast

Ecologists have studied the role carrion plays in the ecosystem of the Bavarian Forest National Park

A Sumptuous Feast - Read More…

Tune in to uni'hören

The new series of audio podcasts focuses on questions about current and future developments from the point of view of researchers at the University of Freiburg

Tune in to uni'hören - Read More…

Not a sin checklist

The theologian Dr. Carolin Neuber explains why the Ten Commandments are often misunderstood, and how they were actually intended

Not a sin checklist - Read More…

The Environmental Footprints of Eight Metropolises

The Environmental Footprints of Eight Metropolises

The Urban Footprints project studies how different cities contribute to conserving the climate and resources – and what they can do to improve

The Environmental Footprints of Eight Metropolises - Read More…

Two-fold success for Medicine

Two collaborative research centers at the university and Freiburg University Medical Center receive approximately 24 million euros

Two-fold success for Medicine - Read More…

Views on Migration Policy

The European Union and African states have a fundamentally different understanding of migration – what conflicts does this cause?

Views on Migration Policy - Read More…

Every vote counts

Every vote counts

The American Studies Professor Sieglinde Lemke on the outcome of the presidential election in the USA

Every vote counts - Read More…

A Green Economy Based on Wood?

A Green Economy Based on Wood?

The global economic system could be arranged in a way that is more environmentally-friendly. A Europe-wide project is investigating whether making this transition would be accepted by society

A Green Economy Based on Wood? - Read More…