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experience and get involved

Experience a campus that is colorful, entertaining, and informative: The University of Freiburg provides its students, staff, and faculty an environment in which it is a pleasure to study, to research, and to live.

Studierendenwerk Freiburg turns 100

The Studierendenwerk Freiburg-Schwarzwald is organizing an extended program to mark its anniversary

Studierendenwerk Freiburg turns 100 - Read More…

Online tools for the federal election: Debat-O-Meter and VoteSwiper

Teams led by political scientist Uwe Wagschal provide the Debat-O-Meter for the Das Triell program and the VoteSwiper as a voting aid

Online tools for the federal election: Debat-O-Meter and VoteSwiper - Read More…

Discussion about vaccination for teenagers

An ethicist and a virologist explain the factors on which the Standing Commission on Vaccination bases its decisions - and why community benefit must be weighed against individual risk

Discussion about vaccination for teenagers - Read More…

“Nature is not an opposite”

A cultural anthropologist and a geobotanist discuss the role played by humans in the Anthropocene era – an age in which we are leaving destructive traces

“Nature is not an opposite” - Read More…

Digital Dies Universitatis

During the award ceremony for the University Medals on July 7, 2021, the new hires in the Rectorate will introduce themselves

Digital Dies Universitatis - Read More…

Digital Science Slam

Karl-Reinhard Volz from the Academic Society is looking forward to entertaining research talks in a brand new format

Digital Science Slam - Read More…

Bringing History to Life

Two students from the University of Freiburg are reaching an average of 6,000 listeners with their podcast “His2Go”

Bringing History to Life - Read More…

Student cross-media project

The editors of uniCROSS shed light on the topic of drugs in various formats

Student cross-media project - Read More…

Getting back to climate change

During the summer semester, the digital Saturday Uni run by Studium Generale will look at the causes and consequences of global warming

Getting back to climate change - Read More…

For the Body and the Mind

Student Health Management (SGM) has some tips for a more healthy and stress-free life

For the Body and the Mind - Read More…