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Press Releases 2023

Motile Sperm and Frequent Abortions in Spreading Earthmoss
Freiburg researchers discover that sperm motility and anchoring of the spore capsule in the spreading earthmoss Physcomitrella are influenced by the auxin transporter PINC.
Evolutionary Tuning of a Cellular “Powerhouse”
Researchers in Freiburg and Bonn provide the first comprehensive mapping of the protein machineries in the mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cell
Thermal motions and oscillation modes determine the uptake of bacteria in cells
Team at the University of Freiburg analyzes how model bacteria dock to and penetrate membrane bubbles.
Actin affects the spread of cancer in several ways
The transport of molecules along the cell’s skeleton plays a role in cancer metastasis, Freiburg researchers show
Endogenous molecule protects from life-threatening complications after stem-cell transplantation
Freiburg researchers find that an antimicrobial molecule modifies T-cell-signalling and thus attenuates overshooting immune reactions
Sugar-based inhibitors disarm the pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Researchers from University Freiburg develop promising active ingredient to combat multi-resistant bacteria.
“Zone of uncertainty” in the brain influences its ability to form new memories
Researchers at the University of Freiburg discover how the "Zona Incerta" communicates with the neocortex
Newly discovered surface structures may affect immune function
Freiburg researchers describe a ridge network on the membrane of B lymphocytes for the first time
Formation of pores in mitochondrial membrane elucidated
Study by a team of researchers from Freiburg and Kyoto investigates formation of beta-barrel membrane proteins that make up the pores