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Press Releases 2023

University of Freiburg among the best ten universities in Germany in the QS World University Rankings Europe 2024
Ranked 4th in sustainability - 6th among comprehensive universities - 3rd in citation rates
Quality. Responsibility. Openness.
The University of Freiburg has a new mission statement
DAAD provides annual scholarship funding to eight students from the Global South for the master’s programme in Environmental Governance
Funding extended until 2032
How citizens can help to shape research
Register now for the Sixth Citizen Science Forum on November 29 and 30, 2023, in Freiburg
The University Library will remain closed on Thursday, September 14, 2023
Routine inspections and technical equipment maintenance
Charalampos Pappas receives ERC Starting Grant
Chemist from Freiburg will do research on self-assembling materials in the project “PhosphotoSupraChem”
Drought stress alters the function of rainforest soil
Extensive measurement campaign in the experimental rainforest of the Biosphere 2 highlights the effects of drought and rewetting on soil biogenic volatile organic compound (VOC) fluxes
Tree mortality in the Black Forest on the rise - climate change a key driver
Forest scientists at the University of Freiburg are analysing the impacts of climate change on the region’s trees in a long-term study
Previously unknown function: Noelin proteins central for learning ability in mammalian brains
German-American research team reveals the fundamental importance of Noelin proteins for the activity-dependent plasticity of nerve cells
Accurate data on dynamic molecular aggregates in cells for the first time
Using a newly developed microscopy method, researchers from Freiburg and Cambridge have been able to quantify how small, dynamic molecular aggregates form in living cells for the first time. Such aggregates play an important role in signal processing
Oldest extant plant has adapted to extremes and is threatened by climate change
A comprehensive study led by scientists from Freiburg and Beijing has characterized the adaptations of the moss Takakia to high altitudes and documented its population decline.
Anti-Aging for the brain? A recent study provides new insights into age-related changes in the brain
Important signalling pathway in brain aging identified
Bronze Age Arrowhead from Mörigen was made from Meteorite
Freiburg physicist provided evidence for interdisciplinary project by the Natural History Museum Bern
Freiburg research team casts light on signal-dependent formation of mitochondria
Scientists reveal the transport of positively charged signal sequences through negatively charged groove
The University election results are in
Members of the Senate and the (Grand) Faculty Councils have been elected
Robotically manufactured timber construction as a model for resource-efficient construction
Scientists from the Universities of Freiburg and Stuttgart research new approaches to sustainable construction at the "livMatS Biomimetic Shell @ FIT"
Research team at the University of Freiburg reveals hidden particle interactions at the cell surface
Ultra-smooth interactions can be detected through high-speed measurement and frequency analysis
Skillslab for midwifery students has officially opened at the University of Freiburg
The technically sophisticated simulation rooms offer the possibility for practical midwifery training
Publication of guide for municipal promotion of a sustainable food economy
The new guide was developed within the framework of the BMBF-funded research project KERNiG at the University of Freiburg
Gender-neutral restrooms, influencers, plastic waste
Students from the Universities of Freiburg and Würzburg explain everyday phenomena from a cultural studies perspective on YouTube