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Research Profile

The University of Freiburg aims to sharpen the research profile and become a laboratory for new research ideas. The following press releases and articles from the online magazine show ideas, measures, and projects in that field.

Light in the black box
Biologist Ilka Diester investigates region of brain that controls motor skills
Stress in a Two Chamber System
Plants reveal how they react to drought, frost or other weather extremes
Successful signalling science in Freiburg
BIOSS Centre for Biological Signalling Studies turns ten
Magic Molecules
Special enzymes raise the effectiveness of medication a thousandfold
“Structured PhD programs are the future”
The Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine celebrates its tenth anniversary
Epigenetics key in fighting prostate cancer
Roland Schüle is researching the enzyme LSD1, which promotes the growth of tumor cells
Shedding light on the grand narrative
Catherine König-Pralong investigates the Enlightenment philosophy view of the Middle Ages