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The University of Freiburg aims to promote creativity throughout the entire university and create new networking opportunities and space for all creative minds. The following press releases and articles from the online magazine show ideas, measures, and projects in that field.


A Three-State Party
Students will have a chance to celebrate and share experiences at the Eucor Festival in Basel from 10 May to 12 May 2019
Free Spirits in Freiburg
Ten examples of Creative Spaces promote a culture of openness at the University of Freiburg
A Question of Teaching
A new mission statement for the University of Freiburg puts teachers and learners on the same bearing
Creativity to the 15th degree
An exhibition in the University Library shows the best entries from the “Connecting Creative Minds” photo competition
Creative Cultural Change
The University of Freiburg applies for the “University of Excellence” funding line
Room for new ideas
Psychologist Andrea Kiesel develops new spatial concepts that promote creativity for the University of Freiburg
Living Creativity Together
“Connect!” on 20th February 2019 offers insights into the University’s strategy “Connecting Creative Minds”