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Living Creativity Together

“Connect!” on 20th February 2019 offers insights into the University’s strategy “Connecting Creative Minds”

Freiburg, Feb 12, 2019

Living Creativity Together

Photo: Jörg Blum

Contributing and sharing ideas: students, researchers, and administrative and technical staff are invited to take part in the open forum on the University’s strategy “Connecting Creative Minds”.

All Creative minds of the University of Freiburg are invited to take part in the open forum on the strategy “Connecting Creative Minds”. Photo: Jörg Blum

Creative Minds – that is, everyone at the University of Freiburg: researchers, teachers, students, and administrative and technical staff. With passion, an appetite for risk and enthusiasm for cooperation and networking, these Creative Minds have put the University in an outstanding position. So naturally they are at the heart of the University’s strategy for the future, which is titled “Connecting Creative Minds – Trinational, European, Global”.

Now the University of Freiburg wants to share ideas about its strategy for the future with all its Creative Minds at the open forum “Connect!” on 20th February 2019. So what does the motto mean? And what are the ideas involved in Freiburg’s application for the title of University of Excellence? A keynote speech by Rector Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Schiewer will outline the University’s overarching vision and launch a shared dialogue. It will be followed by round tables on the three aspects of the Excellence proposal “Boosting Research”, “Going Global” and “Creative Organisation”, which will provide an opportunity to learn more and discuss ideas with researchers and members of the Rectorate.


Connect! – Open forum
on the University’s strategy “Connecting Creative Minds”

20th February 2019, 12 noon - 2 p.m.
University Library, multi-purpose hall and Parlatorium


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