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[eng] IndiTrack Goes Global – Bachelor Year Abroad as Preparation for Master – Further Expansion of Course Offerings at University

The University of Freiburg has expanded its prize-winning instructional concept „Windows for Higher Education“ to include a study abroad program: „GlobalTrack,“ a pilot project at the Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences, enables bachelor students to extend their course of study by spending a final year abroad in which they can also earn credit toward a master’s degree. The DAAD has agreed to support the project with a scholarship program which will provide 80,000 euros in funding per year for the next five years.

Freiburg, 19.02.2010

„This pilot project will help us to reach our goal of further expanding course offerings at the university to include more options for international study,“ says Professor Heiner Schanz, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs. „It gives bachelor students the chance to gain valuable further qualifications abroad before beginning a master program.“

The IndiTrack program, already successful as part of the university’s instructional concept in the „Excellent Teaching“ competition organized by the Conference of the State Ministers of Education and the Arts and the Stifterverband, is designed to provide bachelor students the opportunity to extend their course of study by a year in order to complete an interdisciplinary study program. GlobalTrack now complements IndiTrack by extending it into the international sphere. One of the main objectives of the instructional concept is to strengthen the interdisciplinary and international orientation of bachelor programs at the university.

„Our goal,“ maintains Vice Rector Professor Schanz, „is to make this option available to even more students, also from other fields of study.“

The Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences has secured funding for the GlobalTrack program with a successful proposal to the DAAD scholarship program „Bachelor Plus.“ The program will initially be organized as a pilot project for seven students in the bachelor program „Forest Management and Environment.“ The faculty has also succeeded in convincing four partner universities in Canada to participate in the project – Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Fredericton.

„With over 400 million hectares of forest, Canada has one of the largest forested areas in the world. As its forest science departments are also among the world’s finest, this is a great opportunity for our students,“ says Prof. Dr. Heinrich Spiecker from the Institute of Forest Growth, who submitted the proposal together with Academic Dean Prof. Dr. Siegfried Fink. „The many inquiries we have already received from students testify to the great attractiveness of the program,“ says Spiecker.



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