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The University of Freiburg among the top 100 worldwide in several subjects

The subject-specific rankings of the Times Higher Education (THE) and the Shanghai Ranking have been announced

Freiburg, Oct 31, 2023

THE World University Rankings 2024 by subject

The current “World University Rankings by subject” from Times Higher Education (THE) include ratings in eleven subject groups. In three of these, the University of Freiburg is among the top 100 universities in an international comparison: In “Arts and Humanities,” the University of Freiburg reached 76th place out of 691. In “Life Sciences,” it achieved a shared 65th place, and in “Clinical and Health” a shared 98th place - in each case out of a total of 1,059 universities. Germany-wide, the University of Freiburg is ranked 6th in each of the three subject groups.

In accordance with the methodology of “THE World University Rankings 2024,” 18 indicators in the areas of teaching, research environment, research quality, international orientation and industry are taken into account. Their weighting varies depending on the subject group.

About THE World University Rankings 2024 by subject:

Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2023 from the Shanghai Rankings

The “Global Ranking of Academic Subjects” includes assessments in 55 subjects from natural sciences, engineering, life sciences, medical and social sciences. In total, more than 1,900 universities from 104 countries are listed in this year’s ranking.

In four subjects, the University of Freiburg was ranked among the 100 best universities worldwide: In the subject “Medical Technology” it ranked 51-75 (nationally: rank 8-10). In the subjects “Ecology” (national: rank 7-8), “Human Biological Sciences” (national: rank 8-9) and “Dentistry and Oral Sciences” (national: rank 3-7), the University of Freiburg ranked 76-100 in international comparison.

In order to measure the research performance of universities, various aspects such as publications, citations and academic awards are taken into account. The “Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2023” compares six key indicators, which are weighted differently depending on the subject.

About “Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2023”:


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