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Quality. Responsibility. Openness.

The University of Freiburg has a new mission statement

Freiburg, Sep 19, 2023

The University of Freiburg has published its new mission statement following a co-creative development process.

Quality, responsibility, openness – these three values are at the heart of the new mission statement the University of Freiburg has composed as a basis for its identity, actions, and activities. The mission statement was developed by a working group appointed by the Senate in a one-and-a-half-year process and was approved by the Senate in summer 2023. Around 20 university members representing all status groups came together in the working group. The mission statement process was managed by the Office of the Vice Rector for University Culture under Prof. Dr. Sylvia Paletschek. It was coordinated by Silvio Fischer.

The mission statement is to be published exclusively online, in German and English. Terms are accompanied by additional information, and the interactive functions invite all members of the university to make an active contribution: Everyone can submit ideas for exemplary stories from the university. Thus, the mission statement is not intended to remain a static product but should rather provide an innovative framework in which the university can address its successes, challenges, and values. It is therefore meant to embody the University of Freiburg’s traditions and its capacity for renewal.


In the following, various members of the mission statement working group describe why it was important for them to participate in its conception, how they experienced working together on it, and what makes the mission statement special for them.

‘A good mission statement has both an internal and an external impact: Within the university, it enables reflection on what sets the university apart and encourages critical reflection on the university’s past, present, and future. Externally, the mission statement is an important advertisement: It makes the university attractive for students and employees. I am therefore particularly pleased with the University of Freiburg’s new mission statement and hope that it will have a rapid impact on the institution and on all of us.’

Prof. Dr. Sylvia Paletschek, Vice Rector for University Culture

‘It was important for me, as someone who has worked at the university for many years, to be able to help shape the University of Freiburg’s new mission statement. One can sometimes feel like just a small cog in the large and complex machine that is the “university,” but each cog is essential to making the entire machine work. It is thus good and important that research support staff are also represented in the mission statement, and I was happy to play a part.’

Astrid Steindorf, medical technology assistant at the Faculty of Biology

‘It was important for me as a student to participate in the mission statement working group and represent the students, the university’s largest status group. It’s important to see that we students are not just passive recipients taking advantage of course offerings, but that we actively influence life at the university and play a crucial role in shaping it. This understanding of the student body finds expression in the new mission statement.’

Isabel Althoff, student of English language and literature and Latin studies (M.Ed.)

The new mission statement can be accessed at


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