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CHE Ranking 2022 for Master's degree programs: University of Freiburg in the top group for electrical and information engineering and psychology

Subjects in the engineering sciences and psychology were newly examined

Freiburg, Nov 22, 2022

The Centre for Higher Education, CHE for short, has published its ranking for master’s degree programs in 2022/23. The topic areas of engineering and psychology were recently updated. The University of Freiburg belongs to the top group in several assessment points in the fields of electrical engineering and information technology as well as psychology.

The ranking evaluates master’s programs across Germany based on quantitative indicators of research strength, and a student survey. The universities are divided into the top, middle or bottom group for each criterion.

In the field of electrical engineering and information technology, the University of Freiburg scores particularly well in the criteria “publications per scientist,” “research funds per scientist,” “citations per publication” and “doctorates per professor,” and is one of the top universities in Germany in these categories. In the field of psychology, the University of Freiburg is also in the top group in the categories “publications per scientist” and “doctorates per professor.”

About the CHE Ranking

The CHE ranking is based on a survey of master's students in which respondents can evaluate up to eight criteria, depending on the subject, including the general study situation, the range of courses offered and the organization of studies. The CHE also collects research-based indicators such as "research funds per scientist" or "citations per publication".

This year's CHE rankings for master's programs examined the following subjects: psychology and engineering sciences, which include electrical and information engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering/construction, mechanical engineering, biotechnology, chemical engineering/applied chemistry, process engineering, materials engineering/material science and environmental engineering.


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