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A winning book choice: Gegen den Hass (Against Hatred)

Stifterverband supports the University of Freiburg in the competition “One University – One Book”

Freiburg, Apr 22, 2021

A winning book choice: Gegen den Hass (Against Hatred)

Photo: Max Orlich

An entire university was asked to deal with a book whose subject matter appeals to and affects all University members. With the book Gegen den Hass (Against Hatred) by Carolin Emcke as a point of connection and reference, the University of Freiburg was successful in the competition “One University - One Book.” The Stifterverband (Donors’ Association) and the Klaus Tschira Stiftung (Klaus Tschira Foundation), which organized the competition in cooperation with the Zeitverlag publishing house, have offered the University of Freiburg funding for a total of 10,000 euros so that it can implement the various event formats, which all deal with the topic of “hatred” and its precursors and enablers.

The intention is for all members of the University to enter into conversation with one another: Researchers with craftsmen and women, students with people working in the technical field. Based on this idea, all universities in Germany were invited to apply with a book of their choice. The book Against Hatred is intended to initiate a debate at the University of Freiburg and accompany it on different levels for at least one semester. “A cosmopolitan university like the University of Freiburg must use its strengths against hate,” said Rector Prof. Dr. Kerstin Krieglstein, explaining the joint pre-selection of the book. “The social relevance of the topic rightly convinced the jury, which was made up of members from all areas of the University. We are very pleased about the funding. Now, on the basis of Carolin Emcke’s impressive text, we can deepen our examination of a questionable social development. In the process, we will also learn something about ourselves and make open contributions to the public debate.”

The University of Freiburg will approach the topic in three areas: Science, self-reflection and public debate. A team composed of members from all areas of the University has developed formats for a scientific examination of the topic of "hate", for a University-internal self-examination of strategies against hate, disrespect and exclusion, and for formats that give impetus to the public debate. The exchange and debate should not only be conducted internally, but also be carried beyond the boundaries of the University in cooperation with social stakeholders in order to reach as many societal groups as possible.


Application video of the University of Freiburg

Press release of the Stifterverband



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