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Baden-Württemberg publishes the new Corona Ordinance on Study Operations

Effective immediately, 3-G proof required for on-site events

Freiburg, Aug 24, 2021

The State of Baden-Württemberg presented the new Corona Ordinance on Study Operations on August 23, thereby expanding its strategy based on 3-G proof to start up study operations.

Photo: Baschi Bender

Effective immediately, the Corona Ordinance on Study Operations from the State of Baden-Württemberg requires that all participants must prove they are vaccinated, recovered or tested for on-site events – students and event organizers alike. At present, exams, summer schools and internships can take place on-site. A minimum distance of 1.5 meters is still mandatory. If this distance cannot be maintained, participants must wear mouth and nose coverings.

The University of Freiburg asks participants of classroom events to provide the 3-G proof digitally (for example, via an app on the smartphone) if possible - this facilitates and accelerates the verification process.

Vaccines that are not approved in the EU are not eligible for vaccine verification according to the regulation. Participants vaccinated with such vaccines must therefore provide a negative test result or a certificate of recovery for 3-G proof. 

As of August 16, 2021, the 3-G rule has already been applied for the use of libraries, archives, and museums. Lending and return of media are exempt.

For all universities in the State of Baden-Württemberg, the Corona Ordinance on Study Operations, which sets the framework for studying and teaching, is crucial above all. Our plans for the 2021/22 winter semester are also based on this. The State of Baden-Württemberg has announced an updated Corona Ordinance on Study Operations for September 13, 2021, and we will inform all members of the University of Freiburg about any changes as soon as possible.

For more information, visit our information page on how to manage the Corona pandemic.