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Prepared in the event of an emergency

The RESIBES project aims to support the organized deployment of volunteers in the event of a disaster

Freiburg, Aug 31, 2018

Prepared in the event of an emergency

Photo: mbruxelle/Fotolia

In times of crisis or disaster, many people are ready to jump in and help spontaneously. But how is it possible to coordinate both volunteer involvement and the work of professional aid and civil protection organizations? Enter the RESIBES project: It has established a network of volunteer aids in emergency situations. In this way, volunteers will be able to register on an online database and state their special qualifications and contact information. Advertising efforts have been designed to motivate people to register for future disaster relief efforts. Dr. Linda Madsen and Dr. Jens Hälterlein from the Institute of Sociology at the University of Freiburg are developing solutions in the project for improved coordination of assistants while testing their ideas on the basis of simulated catastrophe scenarios.