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Legal Yet Deceptive Packaging on the Market

A cultural anthropologist has researched the role played by the protection of regional products in the European Union

Freiburg, Jul 20, 2018

So Black Forest ham comes from the beautiful Black Forest, Bühlers Zwetschgen plums from Bühl in Baden, and Aachner Printen biscuits from the city right at the edge of North Rhine-Westphalia. That’s obvious, isn’t it? But there’s often more to the protection of regional food products than consumers think. For instance, the meat for Black Forest ham can quite legally come from Poland or Spain. The key issue is that it must be smoked in the traditional way in the Black Forest. Cultural anthropologist Dr. Sarah May has researched the role specialties play in the identity of their region of origin, and the significance given to the protection of regional products within the European Union.