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Doubt as a fundamental part of faith

Freiburg, Apr 25, 2017

Doubt as a fundamental part of faith

Photo: Britt Schilling

What happens after death? Is it possible to have a merciful God and hell at the same time? And why should a compassionate God allow for so much suffering in this world? Magnus Striet, Professor for Fundamental Theology at the University of Freiburg, has posed these questions and more in his book „Gottes Schweigen. Auferweckungssehnsucht – und Skepsis" ("God's Silence. Yearning for Resurrection – and Skepticism"). He is not in search of answers that prove certainty, however. He sees that his task involves taking the doubts expressed about classic dogmatic notions, understand them and find alternatives that are in line with the 21st century. Striet had a chat with the German radio station Deutschlandfunk about the Christian belief in the resurrection and addressed justified doubts and plausible interpretations.

Interview with Magnus Striet

A plea for theological housecleaning: Magnus Striet discusses hell, doubt and the resurrection. Photo: Britt Schilling