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Launching a career through CORA

Applications for the program “CORA – Coaching Women for Research and Academia“ by female researchers at the University of Freiburg are being accepted until July 30, 2017

Freiburg, Jul 12, 2017

Launching a career through CORA

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Female researchers who wish to embark in an academic career have a lot of thinking and planning to do. What does the individual academic profile look like? How does a career path in research jive with one’s private life? How can one deal with unusual demands and structural barriers? A new program at the University of Freiburg supports female researchers with targeted offerings for their career planning.

Im Laufe der Förderung sind bis zu 15 Coaching-Sitzungen möglich. Foto: contrastwerkstatt/Fotolia

MThe University of Freiburg has established a new offering with its program “CORA – Coaching Women for Research and Academia“ that supports female researchers with their career planning. CORA offers them individual coaching sessions and exclusive training to help pave the way for a research career. Ten spots will be provided annually in the program. Those interested can apply for the first round by July 30, 2017.

Female researchers at the University of Freiburg can participate if they have either submitted their dissertation, are currently conducting post-doctoral research, are junior professors or group leaders in all fields except medicine. A prerequisite is the intention to qualify for a position of responsibility in the area of research. The goal of the program is a long-term increase in the number of women with high academic qualifications after their PhD.

Participants get to work together with certified and experienced coaches. Throughout the course of the program up to 15 individual coaching sessions are possible. Individual coaching sessions help the participants consider their own abilities as well as their goals and individual career phases. In addition, CORA offers the researchers a platform to create a mutual network.

Sonja Seidel


Information about the program and application process (in German)