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Buy a bike, never push off exams

Five students offer freshmen tips on how best to master their first semester at the University

Freiburg, Apr 24, 2017

Buy a bike, never push off exams

Photo: Thomas Kunz

The summer semester 2017 has begun – thousands of students are flowing through the lecture halls and seminar rooms at the University of Freiburg. Amongst them are many freshmen who are beginning a new phase in their lives. What matters most at college? What do you absolutely have to know as a first-timer? Marielle Hutt asked around campus.

Photos: Thomas Kunz

„The best thing to do is to join one of the student groups because you get to know people really easily there. Besides, I would recommend not going to the University library to study. My secret tip is the library for the seminar for ancient history. And what is also important if you want to study in Freiburg: buy a bike.“
Luise Fiedler, History

„I always tell people in their very first semester to concentrate on their studies from the very beginning, but don’t forget to enjoy life too. It is important to find a balance, to not party all the time or study all the time. In law school, for instance, a lot of people do nothing in the beginning. Their motto is „a C is okay with me.“ But at the very latest when it comes to exam preparation time, they notice their bad attitude wasn’t a good idea at all.“
Alexander Kraemer, Law

„If you want to study at the University library, you have to go there early because otherwise all the seats are taken. Otherwise there are a lot of other smaller libraries scattered around the University where you can work undisturbed. My advice for seminars and lectures: never sit all the way in the back because you can’t hear anything back there. And don’t forget to register for your exams in time.“
Andreas Claessens, Mathematics and Physics

„My advice to all first year students is this: don’t push off your exams and do your work on time. Then you won’t have nearly as much trouble toward the end of your studies because you won’t have to make up any coursework. And when you take every single exam on time, you also shorten the length of time it takes to get your degree.“
Daniel Bölli, Biology


„Avoid the cafeteria at ‘rush hour’ otherwise you have to stand in line forever. It is also helpful to refer to the student union website, a very helpful resource when looking for information on events or a new apartment. And in terms of the University itself: register for classes early and note down multiple priorities at the same time.“
Christina Sigrist, Latin and German