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Providing information, counsel and support

The University of Freiburg career portal is online

Freiburg, Jul 21, 2017

Providing information, counsel and support

Photo: Jakub Jirsák

An at-a-click solution: The new career portal bundles information about employee development, funding programs, counseling and continue education opportunities as well as job openings.

Photo: Jakub Jirsák

With its new career portal, the University of Freiburg has established a new service to inform employees about continued education and counseling opportunities, funding programs as well as initiatives for employee development. The portal is directed to academic staff members as well as those in the administration, service and technical areas at all career levels. In addition, those who are interested can find all open positions at the University there.

The portal was developed through a cooperation with the Office of Strategy and Development, Freiburg Research Services, Knowledge Management and the Office of Employee Development that was established in January 2017. The departments will continue to build out the career portal's offerings in the future.

The Office of Employee Development leads the pan-university concept of employee development and, in particular, the concept for administrative, service and technical staff members. The office will report about the University's latest efforts on the career portal's Web site. The Office of Strategy and Development is the point of contact for the employee development concept for the academic branch.

Sonja Seidel

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