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[eng] SWEA International Awards $ 10.000 to Sabine Stölting as the Recipient of the 2010 SWEA Literature Scholarship

Freiburg, 09.08.2010

Sabine Stölting, a doctoral student at the department of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Freiburg, has been awarded SWEA International’s scholarship for research in Swedish language, literature, and society. The scholarship will be presented on August 12th in Malmö.

The $ 10,000 dollar scholarship will be used for research about 19th century Swedish plays which include music. About 1.500 plays were performed on stages in Stockholm between 1830 and 1850. Many of them included song and music. It was a popular form of culture which has not been the focus of much research before. Sabine Stölting’s pioneering work discovering hard-to-find source material will prepare and set the stage for future research in this field.

Sabine Stölting will defend her dissertation in the near future. Her interest for Swedish culture began at school when she had the urge to read Astrid Lindgren’s books in the original language.

SWEA’s scholarship for research in Swedish language, literature, and society is awarded annually to a doctoral student at a non-Swedish university. The scholarship recipients are very good ambassadors for Swedish culture. They translate, educate, and produce movies and plays which spread Swedish culture across the world.

SWEA, Swedish Women's Educational Association Inc., is a global non-profit organization for Swedish speaking women who live or have lived abroad. SWEA has more than 8.000 members with 74 chapters in 34 countries and promotes Swedish language, culture and traditions. SWEA awards about $ 250.000 in scholarships and donations each year and is the largest organisation promoting Sweden abroad.

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