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Taking a Stand against Sexual Discrimination and Violence

The University of Freiburg is taking part in a statewide campaign called "Make a Clean Break" („Zieh einen Schlussstrich“)

Freiburg, Nov 20, 2020

Taking a Stand against Sexual Discrimination and Violence

Source:Landeskonferenz der Gleichstellungsbeauftragten in Baden-Württemberg

"Make a Clean Break" is the slogan of a statewide campaign that begins on 23 November 2020. Baden-Württemberg's universities, colleges of education, music and art schools, cooperative state universities, and universities of applied science are all taking part in the initiative. Together they would like to take a stand against sexual discrimination and violence and make the case for individuals treating each other with respect on their campuses. "There's no place for sexual harassment. We are taking on responsibility by committing ourselves to actively prevent violence and protect those affected by it on campus," says Dr. Regina Herzog, the equal opportunities officer at the University of Freiburg and University of Freiburg Medical Center.

In August, the state's higher educational institutions and Minister of Science, Research, and the Arts Theresia Bauer signed a joint resolution on the campaign. The state conference of equal opportunity officers in Baden-Württemberg had proposed such an accord. The University of Freiburg's Equal Opportunities Office is raising awareness of this issue by providing information on its own and external consulting services, background studies, and assistance as well as advice on cyberstalking and digital abuse. As soon as the public health measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus allow it, continuing education courses and events to be attended in person will again be offered. "We're doing this to raise sensitivity to the issue within the higher education community, to pursue prevention, and to make people aware that we are among people to consult when it comes to these questions," explains Regina Herzog.

In cases of sexual harassment and stalking, the Equal Opportunities Office is a contact point for all University of Freiburg employees and students. The office advises those who have been affected and has prepared guidelines for action as well. At the moment, this is being reworked to include the topic of cyberstalking.


Equal Opportunity Office of the University of Freiburg

The initiative "Make a Clean Break" (Initiative „Zieh einen Schlussstrich) in German only


Dr. Regina Herzog
Equal Opportunities Officer
University of Freiburg
Tel.: 0761/203-4222


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