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Health promotion and legal counsel

University Teaching Award and Special Prize for Student Achievement presented

Freiburg, Oct 22, 2020

Health promotion and legal counsel

Photo: Sandra Meyndt

In 2020, the University of Freiburg will present the University Teaching Award for Exceptional Achievements to Anna Immerz from the Freiburg Institute for Musicians’ Medicine and Christian Burkhart from the Department of Educational Science at the University of Freiburg for the new course offering “Health Promotion and Voice.” The prize money for this award is 10,000 euros. The special prize for outstanding student achievement will be awarded to Annika Günther, Elena Jentsch, Rahel Meinhof, Kolja Schulze-Rohr and Finn Schwarz from the Faculty of Law as directors of the “Refugee Law Clinic Freiburg (RLCF).” They have received this award, endowed with 500 euros, for their free legal counsel and support of fugitives. 

Anna Immerz, Christian Burkart: Health Promotion and Voice
The digital teaching course “Health Promotion and Voice” is aimed at prospective teachers who are tasked with learning to deal with stress, getting familiar with the effect of their own voice and keeping an eye on their health in order to be able to work in their dream job for an extended period of time. The Freiburg Institute for Musicians' Medicine at the Medical Faculty and the Freiburg University of Music, together with the Department of Educational Science, has developed a blended learning format for the Master of Education course at the University of Freiburg, in which students take part in an online course and subsequent workshops. Through exercises in vocal hygiene and suggestions for self-reflection, they are given the opportunity to get to know themselves better and deal with the topics of stress management and health promotion in everyday school life. In this way, the course is intended to help them to prepare individually for the demands of the teaching profession.


Annika Günther, Elena Jentsch, Rahel Meinhof, Kolja Schulze-Rohr, Finn Schwarz: Refugee Law Clinic Freiburg (RLCF)
The team of the student-run and non-profit Refugee Law Clinic Freiburg (RLCF) supports refugees with legal and administrative challenges. Students learn how to put their legal knowledge into practice as legal advisors. In order to provide competent advice at all times, the RLCF organizes an annual training program on migration law. With this offer, the RLCF promotes both voluntary work and academic further education, which benefits the refugees, the students of the University of Freiburg and society as a whole.


Anna Immerz
Freiburg Institute for Musicians’ Medicine
Tel.: 0761/270-61610

Kolja Schulze-Rohr
Refugee Law Clinic


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Photo: Sandra Meyndt