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Funding for student initiatives

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) awards prizes to three Freiburg projects to boost refugee integration

Freiburg, Jan 15, 2019

Funding for student initiatives

Students and refugees who would like to study can meet and learn each others’ languages in a relaxed atmosphere at the “language café”. Photo: Thomas Kunz

The DAAD is once again sponsoring three University of Freiburg student initiatives under its “Welcome – Studierende engagieren sich für Flüchtlinge” program. For their effort to integrate refugees into university life, the projects “Wissen + Welcome,” “Uni für Alle” and “Sprachcafé” will receive a total of 45,000 euros to March 2020. The DAAD program seeks to encourage student assistants who work either in student-organized initiatives or in the support organized by the university for refugees with academic potential. The University of Freiburg will use the funding to employ five students in the initiatives as assistants.

“Wissen + Welcome” project
The “knowledge + welcome” initiative has been holding lectures in refugee accommodations since 2015, helping refugees to find out more about life in Germany and to discuss their experiences with others and to ask questions. Topics from areas such as politics, society, the environment, and medicine are prepared by the organizers so they can be easily discussed. Linking these up with academic disciplines enables people who would like to start studying to gain insight into university life.

“Uni für Alle” project
“Uni for all” was also established in 2015 and has been a non-profit organization since 2016. The initiative supports refugees interested in studying by introducing them to guest lectures via an accompanying buddy program - to pave the way for regular studies. The group also holds consulting hours to help refugees with the relevant planning. The group deals with issues of flight and migration in lectures and films aimed at the student audience. This helps to promote exchange between German students and refugees.

“Sprachcafé” project
The “language café” is a project run jointly between the student council for Islamic Studies and the “Start with a Friend” organization; it was founded in October 2016. At weekly meetings, Freiburg students and refugees seeking a place at university have the chance to meet while learning the respective languages and to get to know the different cultures in a relaxed atmosphere. Regular workshops are also offered, dealing with issues as diverse as human rights or the stages of applying for a place at a German university.


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