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Focusing on Young Researchers

The new issue of the magazine uni’wissen presents promising academic talent

Freiburg, Jun 24, 2019

Focusing on Young Researchers

Photo: Sandra Meyndt

The University of Freiburg has some of the best researchers at the beginning of their careers nationwide. In the past years, the university has achieved top rankings in national comparison for all relevant funding programs in this area. Freiburg takes 1st place for the Heisenberg Program, for instance, with which the German Research Foundation (DFG) helps the best minds to prepare themselves for a professorship. It comes in 3rd place for Starting Grants, with which the European Research Council (ERC) provides early independence to young academics conducting promising and high-risk research programs. And it comes in 1st place with regard to both Emmy Noether Groups, which give outstanding academics at the start of their career the chance to establish their own research group, and the DFG’s Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize, which is regarded as the most important award for up-and-coming researchers.

The new issue of the research magazine uni’wissen presents several of the University of Freiburg’s outstanding young researchers. The range of topics they are studying reflects the diversity characteristic of a comprehensive university: from crystal growing in zero-gravity conditions, mechanisms of enzymes, carbon management, or new approaches on the healing of wounds and fractures to the Cultural Revolution in China, non-verbal communication, or the better coordination of disaster relief workers.


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