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Peace put to the test

An interactive e-learning portal offers information about Europe’s crises

Freiburg, Jan 10, 2018

Peace put to the test

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Is peace in Europe endangered? Researchers and students at the University of Freiburg and five other universities have addressed this question. The result: an e-learning portal under the direction of Ingo Henneberg, a Freiburg political scientist. The portal is geared toward instructors and teachers interested in learning more about the political situation in Europe, for which the platform was designed.

Under eight subject-related modules, people can find out more about how, for instance, Brexit, the Euro crisis, the rise in right wing populism or the conflict in the Ukraine affects the cohesion and peace in Europe. Each unit includes a dossier and a deeper analysis section. In addition, there is a video from an international expert on each topic; interactive quizzes, interviews, surveys and other additional materials supplement the range of offerings. Introductory and closing modules introduce the scientific basis and compare the analyzed crises with one another.

The project was created in the summer of 2017 in the multi-site event "Is peace in Europe endangered?" during which researchers and students collaborated on a digital video platform and e-learning formats every week and across hundreds of kilometers from one another.


E-learning platform

Project homepage

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