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Of conifer woods, wild bees and water plants

Saturday guided tours tempt the visitor to discover the many sides to the Botanical Gardens.

Freiburg, Apr 04, 2018

Of conifer woods, wild bees and water plants

Photo: Botanical garden University of Freiburg

What characterizes the conifer forests of the northern hemisphere? What key roles do wild bees and other pollinators play? How do plants live in, on, and over the water? The University of Freiburg Botanical Gardens’ Saturday tours provide answers to these and many other questions. Professor Arno Bogenrieder reveals the manifestations of spring at the Botanical Gardens on 14 April 2018. On 19 May 2018 Dr. Simon Poppinga presents the botanical highlights of the month. Professor Ulrich Deil takes visitors through the coniferous forests of the northern hemisphere – from the Atlas Mountains to the vast woods of Siberia – on 23 June 2018. Dr. Claudia Gack will talk about the functions of wild bees and other pollinators play on 21 July 2018. The finale is on 15 September 2018, when master gardener Dirk Rohleder leads the tour “Some like it wet - plant lives in, on, and over the water.”

The tours start on Saturdays at 2pm. Admission to the tour is three euros, which are spent on the gardens. Children under 16 and members of the Botanical Gardens’ friends association take part free. There is no need to register. The meeting point is at the main entrance to the Botanical Gardens, Schänzlestraße 1, 79104 Freiburg.

Additionally, Botanical Gardens Week is from 9-17 June. The week of events is held under the motto “the green pharmacy - from hortus medicus to drugs research.” A program of the events will be published soon.


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