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Heroes, Liver Cells, and Artificial Intelligence

Research collaborations: The new issue of uni’wissen is out

Freiburg, Dec 20, 2018

Heroes, Liver Cells, and Artificial Intelligence

Photo: Sandra Meyndt

Swarm Intelligence without Blinders
The fascination with heroic tales remains unbroken: Researchers from a multitude of disciplines are collaborating in an effort to grasp the phenomenon of the heroic.
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The Core of Systems Biology
In the research network LiSym, researchers from physics and medicine are deciphering the signaling paths of liver cells. Their findings could help to prevent diseases and determine the optimum dose of drugs.
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Controversial Helpers
What formalities need to be fulfilled in interaction between humans and machines? In a year-long project, Freiburg scientists are discussing normative and philosophical foundations for dealing with artificial intelligence.
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Networks for Biodiversity
Same starting point, different approach: Research teams are studying how tree species react to mixing on test fields in different countries.
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The Stethoscope of the 21st Century
Emergency situations demand quick diagnoses. That’s why trainee doctors at the University Heart Center learn how to use portable ultrasound devices.
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