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Gothic Culture, the Church in Transition, Stress in Light Chambers

The University of Freiburg publishes the latest edition of its research magazine

Freiburg, Jan 09, 2018

The research magazine uni'wissen presents outstanding work being done in the arts and sciences and teaching. The latest edition features an annual report on the year 2017, including articles about the following researchers:

Goths heavy on black, light on rules
Prof. Dr. Markus Tauschek, a cultural anthropologist, has been pursuing field research at German music festivals. His aim is to discover the principles of Gothic culture. Tauscheck says, "There are are no written cultural rules or regulations for this scene. There's no bible that tells you the 'do's and don'ts' for festivals."
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Catholicism in transition
A junior professor of the Faculty of Theology, Dr. Bernhard Spielberg, and his team are investigating the impact globalization is having on the Roman Catholic Church. "It's becoming de-Westernized," explains Spielberg."The emphasis has shifted to countries in the south and east."
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Plants' stress response
Professor of Ecosystem Physiology. Dr. Christiane Werner is using light chambers to discover how plants respond to stress factors such as extreme heat or cold."We carry out measurements in the branches, leaves, roots, sap and in the air," says Werner of her work.
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Traffic within cells
Prof. Dr. Nils Wiedemann of the Institute of Biochemistry and his team have discovered many new proteins during their research on mitochondria."Based on the sequence in which the genetic material is structured, you can simply predict most of the proteins," explains Wiedemann. Nevertheless, he adds, very little is known about many proteins.
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"I become a little brother"
English language and literature specialist, Dr. Anna Rosen, received the 2017 State Teaching Prize in Baden-Württemberg. Her seminar for teachers in training is based on the explorative learning method. Says Rosen of her course, "It consistently links content from linguistics with interrogative teaching methodology."
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