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From Glue to Tandem Teaching

The new issue of the University of Freiburg’s research magazine is out

Freiburg, Jul 16, 2018

From Glue to Tandem Teaching

Photo: Sandra Meyndt

Molecular Glues
A novel chemical coating enhances the stability of fiber composite materials: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rühe from the Department of Microsystems Engineering is conducting research at the Sustainability Center Freiburg to make things like prostheses, tennis rackets, automobiles, and wind turbines more sturdy.
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Focusing on Images
“The images transported via social media during the refugee crisis, the Pegida demonstrations, or the Arab Spring have become ingrained in our minds,” explains the political scientist Prof. Dr. Diana Panke. She is studying how media images influence people’s willingness to engage in political protest.
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Environmentally Friendly Batteries
No heavy metals, faster charging, longer life: The chemist Prof. Dr. Birgit Esser is developing novel rechargeable batteries with organic material. They are very thin, flexible, pliable, and quick to recharge – perfect for use in implants.
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Deriving Profit from No Man’s Land
Countries and companies want to make money out of genetic resources from the deep sea. The jurist Prof. Dr. Silja Vöneky is studying the compatibility of this practice with international law: “When new technologies no longer fit the ‘old’ legislation, it has to be reconsidered.”
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Two Heads Are Better Than One
The ethnologist Prof. Dr. Judith Schlehe has developed a new tandem teaching concept: She has students conduct research in transcultural teams to prepare for joint projects in the working world.
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