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Easier solar cell production

The microsystems engineer Karim Mohamed Gad receives the Südwestmetall Advancement Prize 2017

Freiburg, Apr 25, 2017

Easier solar cell production

Dr. Karim Mohamed Gad (right) accepts the certificate for the Advancement Prize. Photo: Eppler/Südwestmetall

Dr. Karim Mohamed Gad at the Institute for Microsystems Technology, whose dissertation addresses the implementation of functional nanolayers on silicon solar cells, will be awarded the Südwestmetall Advancement Prize. The prize honors exceptional young researchers in nine different state universities in Baden-Wuerttemberg. A person from each institution is offered the 5,000€ award for work that has significance for industries or their sociopolitical environments.

Energy production through silicon solar cells is a promising approach for energy-independent interior wireless sensors. The effectiveness in solar cells previously available in the marketplace would often break down by low illumination intensities as often occur in the interior. Furthermore, they are manufactured using complex processes that specialize in large solar surfaces and are highly automated. For that reason it is not economical to use these processes to produce small surfaces. Gad's approach could help: The scientist researched how various nanolayers can be used to manufacture so-called passivated hetero-contacts based on crystalline silicon. He showed that there is potential for a very high effectiveness with small solar cells in their interiors. In addition, he was able to simplify the process sequences and with it the production of the small solar cells themselves.

Dr. Karim Mohamed Gad

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