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E-learning Sponsorship Award is Shared for the First Time

The University of Freiburg is honoring both Anne Liefländer and Stefan Rother for their outstanding teaching projects

Freiburg, Feb 08, 2019

E-learning Sponsorship Award is Shared for the First Time

Anne Liefländer. Photo: Patrick Seeger

The University of Freiburg is presenting the 2019 E-Learning Sponsorship Award to Dr. Anne Liefländer, Faculty of Biology, and Dr. Stefan Rother, Department of Political Science. For the ongoing development of teaching projects they have piloted within the framework of the E-Learning Qualification Program, they will each receive 2,500 euros. This is the first time that the prize has been shared, as a way of jointly recognizing two outstanding projects.

Anne Liefländer applies the Flipped Classroom teaching concept to introduce budding teachers to human biology subjects in a professional way. This involves students not only following up a teaching session, as is usually the case, but also independently preparing the information in advance. The aim of these sessions is to ensure comprehension, apply learning, and discuss in-depth questions. Work on the subjects is supported by e-portfolios. Liefländer is also developing multimedia learning materials which she wants to publish as Open Educational Resources and therefore make more generally available.

Stefan Rother is being recognized for his seminar concept “Migration, Gender and Development – Perspectives from the Global South”. The central idea of his concept is to promote a multiperspective dialogue between students of the University of Freiburg with experts and students from Accra, Ghana, using digital tools such as wikis and webinars.


Dr. Anne Liefländer
Faculty of Biology
Tel.: +49 761 203-

Dr. Stefan Rother
Department of Political Science
Tel.: +49 761 203-4322

Silke Weiß
Centre for Teaching and Learning
Tel.: +49 761 203-2451

Dr. Nicole Wöhrle
E-learning Department
Tel.: +49 761 203-4690