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Shape the University with Your Thoughts

Until 31st July 2019 the University of Freiburg is asking its students their views about teaching and learning

Freiburg, May 08, 2019

Shape the University with Your Thoughts

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Every three years the University of Freiburg surveys its students about how satisfied they are with teaching, support and central facilities. In 2019 the survey is taking place for the third time. Until 31st July all matriculated students can give their opinions in an online survey.

The survey offers the opportunity for students to express their wishes about the shape of teaching and learning. Photo: picoStudio/

How satisfied are Freiburg students? The University of Freiburg is aiming to find this out with a survey that runs until 31st July 2019. The survey has taken place every three years since 2013. This time the focus is on the start of studies: what support did students receive when they started at the university? Questions on this are designed to determine how useful the information services and fresher events are in the study introduction phase.

Other sections of the survey deal with the quality of studies, teaching and support as well as the basic conditions in each department. Questions about students’ overall satisfaction with the university, the structure of the degree program and the range of courses should show whether students’ expectations are met. Another new aspect is a block of questions relating to teacher training students. “All the results form the basis for improving the quality of teaching and learning. We ask what the students are pointing out to us, how we want to develop and where we can make greater use of potential,” explains Natalie Boros from Teaching and Learning Quality Management which is conducting the survey.

Join in - it’s worth it!

It’s easy to take part in the survey: students receive a personalized link by e-mail that takes them to the questionnaire. The survey can also be accessed via the ILIAS teaching platform. On request participants can answer questions in English. All information is anonymized and treated as confidential in compliance with data protection law. At the end of the survey there is a competition: the university is holding a draw for a bicycle, an iPad, a paragliding tandem jump and gift coupons. Anyone who hasn’t taken part yet will receive an e-mail reminder about the survey during the summer semester. There will also be three campaign days at the university to raise the profile of the survey.

It is worth taking part, because the survey helps the university to identify and tackle weaknesses. The results are discussed centrally, notified in reports to individual departments and used for the accreditation of degree programs and for internal quality management within the faculties.

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Responding to suggestions for improvement

“Previous surveys have shown that Freiburg students are relatively satisfied. There was a need to improve in some aspects, and the university has responded,” Boros relates. Comments about difficulties finding the way around the university’s homepage provided impetus for a more structured redesign. Based on the results of the survey, the Faculty of Law improved its e-learning concepts and now offers for example an online written examination course. And geography students’ desire for a greater range of courses led the university to rewrite the curricula.

“The more people take part, the more reports there are, that is, reports of experiences, describing the situation in a class and on degree programs. Naturally, we can only provide these reports when there are ten or more participants, because of data protection,” says Carolin Wagner from Teaching and Learning Quality Management. “And it is easiest to take practical measures at the level of classes.” The survey offers the opportunity for students to have their voice heard and provide sound data. “As a student this opportunity should be used to instigate change with your views.”

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Complete the survey for a chance to win

Until 31st July 2019 all students who are matriculated at the University of Freiburg can take part in the survey. The university is holding a draw to give everyone who takes part the chance of winning a bicycle, an iPad, a paragliding tandem jump and gift coupons. The survey results will be available at the end of 2019 and can be viewed on the university’s homepage.

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