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A neighborhood in transition

Cultural anthropology students launch an open-air exhibition to trace the development of a Freiburg district

Freiburg, May 07, 2021

Cities and neighborhoods change all the time - that’s no surprise. But how do the changes take place in detail, and in what way do the residents accept them? These are the questions pursued by cultural anthropologist Dr. Matthias Möller and students from the University of Freiburg. They focused on Freiburg’s Sedanviertel and Im Grün districts. Anyone interested can visit the open-air exhibition Grundrisse. Ein Quartier im Umbruch (Outlines – A District in Transformation) until May 24, 2021. The 15 stops provide insights into 150 years of social history and touch on the Wilhelmine period, workshops, industries, interim uses, disputes over open spaces, displacement and Freiburg’s post-industrial transformation to a service society.