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The Bookkeepers

The nationwide “Day of Libraries” on October 24, 2018 will focus on libraries’ importance as a cultural and educational institution

Freiburg, Oct 18, 2018

The Bookkeepers

Photo: Ingeborg F. Lehmann

Libraries are extensive repositories of knowledge and preserve rare pieces of jewels in their archives. On October 24, 2018, the nationwide “Day of Libraries” will draw attention to their importance as a cultural and educational institution. For many students at the University of Freiburg, the specialized libraries are an important place for learning and exchanging ideas alongside the University library. Sonja Seidel presents five of them.

The library in the Collegiate Building IV, in which future historians and Anglicists cram for exams, houses more than 200,000 books. Photo: Ingeborg F. Lehmann

Automatic earplug dispensers, a lounge and tablets on loan: The library at the Faculty of Engineering offers quite a few amenities. Photo: Ingeborg F. Lehmann

The Biology I Faculty Library is the perfect place for students to study in the immediate vicinity of the Botanical Garden, which includes twittering birds. Photo: Ingeborg F. Lehmann

The faculty library for Chemistry and Pharmacy has more than 100 work stations, which Unicard owners can also use on weekends. Photo: Ingeborg F. Lehmann

New splendor: The reading and group work rooms in the faculty library for Theology were recently renovated - in the coming winter semester the magnificent hall will also reopen its doors and offer modern work stations. Photo: Ingeborg F. Lehmann

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