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Taking to the streets in the name of science

Ingo Henneberg, co-organizer of the „March for Science“ in Freiburg, invites you to the demonstration

Freiburg, Apr 18, 2017

Taking to the streets in the name of science

Photo: Sandra Meyndt

On April 22, 2017 people will be demonstrating around the world in the March for Science to support the power of provable facts – and for science itself. Freiburg is preparing for it as well and is inviting anyone and everyone to attend the march. The demonstration will start at the Platz der Weißen Rose in the University courtyard at 11am. From there it will continue throughout the city and end with a closing rally at the Augustinerplatz. The Freiburg political scientist Ingo Henneberg applied for the permit. Mariella Hutt asked him why he is taking to the streets.

A culture based on freedom of speech, independent research and freedom of expression: Ingo Henneberg demonstrates for democratic values. Photo: Patrick Seeger

Mr. Henneberg, why did you put your energy behind organizing the March for Science in Freiburg?

Ingo Henneberg: Donald Trump and the conversation around „alternative facts“ have awakened over 400 cities around the world to participate in the March for Science“. Science is currently under enormous pressure worldwide – whether in Turkey or Hungary where the Central European University is facing closure. In Germany a vast network of people has arisen to demonstrate for science. I think it is important that Freiburg be a part of it. After all, we are a place of science and we want to show that.

What do you hope to achieve through the March for Science?

We want to make it clear how important science is. It is everywhere and ensures progress. If we didn’t have science, imagine all the things that would not exist? Scientific facts as the basis for societal discourse are non-negotiable. It is a topic that is not only near and dear to the hearts of researchers and students. We hope the entire city feels called to demonstrate with us to set a clear signal.

Photo: Sandra Meyndt

For which values are you taking to the streets?

I will be demonstrating in large part for democratic values such as a culture based on freedom of speech, independent research and freedom of expression. I do not want for our common good to be destroyed by populism, „alternative facts“ and social bots. It is normal to have arguments in a democracy: it is even healthy to do so. But we want to argue about how we envision the future and societal goals – not about facts that should be the basis of our mutual discussion.


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