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Nibbly Neighbors

Sheep and goats are grazing a meadow on the Schlossberg – and PhD student Nicolas Schoof is studying how this is changing flora and fauna

Freiburg, Jul 03, 2018

Nibbly Neighbors

Foto: Jürgen Gocke

Four sheep and three goats: this slightly different household has been living in a meadow on Freiburg’s Schlossberg for about a year. They were brought here by PhD student Nicolas Schoof from the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources. In a cooperative project with the Further Education Academy of the German Caritas Association which owns the area, he is studying long-term changes to flora and fauna as a result of grazing. In order to make the summer as pleasant as possible for the sheep, Schoof has invited a guest to the meadow.



Article on the grazing project in the University magazine uni’leben