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Dancing with the Tree

Freiburg – an environmentally-friendly city and region as seen by photographers: the best pictures from the Prima Klima competition

Freiburg, Apr 17, 2018

A tree bowing down like a dancer, solar installations with the light shimmering through, a recyclable mug that has snuck onto the Platz der Alten Synagoge: all these images show the interplay of nature and modern city life. The Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS), the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy, and the Department of Political Science invited photographers to depict the environmentally-friendly development of the city and the region. The ten loveliest photos will be on display from 21st May to 2nd June 2018 in the Schwarzwald City shopping center. Annette Kollefrath-Persch offers a foretaste.

Photo: Beatrice Verez

Tanz zu zweit (Two dancers)
This photo of a wind-swept beech tree at the Schauinsland nature reserve could, Beatrice Verez explains, be seen as an emblem of the sensitive balance between people and nature – an issue that involves the residents of Freiburg, rather like a dance. Many of their decisions have led to a fruitful cohabitation, but sometimes they lead to conflicts. That’s the case at Schauinsland as well, where this glorious tree watches over Freiburg and where the decision to use the power of the wind continues to give rise to discussion about how we can both protect the landscape and at the same time ensure a sustainable supply of energy.

Photo: Matthew Bach

Matthew Bach found these solar panels in the residential area of Vauban. For him, the light shimmering through visualizes the changing energy – a process between generation and consumption. These two poles represent clearly his view of the different green faces of Freiburg.

Photo: Alex Gi

There will always be hope
Alex Gi took this picture when hiking on the Schlossberg. As a forester, this image gives him hope that sustainable forest management, recreation and nature can be integrated into city life.

Photo: Peter Herrmann

JobRad (JobBike)
For Peter Herrmann the shift from delivery van to bicycle is an important first step for modern mobility.

Photo: Viola Hollek

Zum Mitnehmen, bitte (To go, please)
Freiburg is the first city in Germany to have introduced its own reusable mug, says Viola Hollek of her choice of image. There is still room for improvement in how the project is implemented, nevertheless it is a step in the right direction towards a more environmentally-aware society.

Photo: Volker Sander

Green in the mirror
Volker Sander took this picture on his last holiday in Freiburg. A glowing green is reflected on the facade of the University Library – emphasizing Sander’s enthusiasm for the beautiful greenery planted throughout the city.