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Collective Bargaining, Flexible Work Hours, Staff Council Elections

All employees of the University of Freiburg are invited to attend a staff meeting on June 24, 2019

Freiburg, Jun 19, 2019

All university employees, trainees, and research assistants are invited to come to the staff meeting on June 24, which will begin at 9 a.m. in Kollegiengebäude I and will count as work time. At the meeting, employees will have the opportunity to learn more about recent issues at the University of Freiburg and the upcoming staff council election.

Foto: Sandra Meyndt

The staff council will discuss current developments at the University of Freiburg, including the current results of collective bargaining, the upcoming staff council election, as well as new ideas for work hours, including flextime. “We conducted a survey of employees at the University who are already working flextime,” said Dr. Helmut Waller, President of the Staff Council. “The feedback was very positive.” Waller will therefore present the staff council’s proposals for improving work hours at the meeting on Monday. Dr. Regina Herzog, Equal Opportunities Officer at the University of Freiburg, will also be conducting this session’s “Three Questions” interview. Finally, the staff council elections on July 2-3 will also be discussed. All candidates will be at the meeting and there will be a chance to talk to them afterward, Waller said.

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