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Professional orientation in 42 variations

Online registration for the vacation program at the Center for Key Qualifications starts on 10.07.2017.

Freiburg, Jul 07, 2017

Professional orientation in 42 variations

Photo: Baschi Bender

The University of Freiburg's Center for Key Qualifications (ZfS) offers an additional program of no less than 42 courses during the summer break, including classes in the areas of management, communication, media, and data processing. The focus is on promoting important supradisciplinary skills and reinforcing professional orientation. Online registration for Bachelor's and Law students opens on 10.07.2017. The Freie Platzvergabe, which allocates places in the courses, is available to all students enrolled at the University of Freiburg from 25.07.2017.

In the field of management students may familiarize themselves with the areas of culture or sustainability management, or general organizational topics like Grundlagen und Praxis des Prozessmanagement/ Basics and practical process management or Ethik als Managementaufgabe/ The ethics of management. Help with professional orientation, formulating a profile, and in all phases of the job applications process is available in the Bewerbungskompetenzen/ Application skills.

In the area of communications, students can develop their verbal and written expression skills. In the new Techniken und Methoden für anspruchsvolle Redeanlässe/ Methods and techniques for formal speaking course, you can train yourself to be a better speaker - in your language, the way you speak, and in your demeanor. Szenisches Erzählen/ Descriptive writing and Kreatives Schreiben/ Creative writing provide opportunities to work on playful or dramatic aspects of communication and to develop new ways of personal communication and neutral description.

Which information is relevant, and how can I use various formats to target my message at certain groups? This is explored in the new media course, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit mit Social Media/ Public relations with social media. The course Redaktionelle Arbeit bei Film, TV und Online/ Editing film, television, and online enables students to explore the various media to get the message across and to get an insight into a possible new profession. After participating in Einführung und Entwicklung interaktiver Anwendungen mit HTML5 und CSS3/ Introduction to and development of interactive applications with HTML5 und CSS3, students will be able to develop and launch their own small websites with media content.

Data processing courses focus on independent use of software on the basis of theoretical understanding. Courses like IT and Datenmanagement – Grundlagen im Umgang mit Kundendatenbanken und CRM-Systemen, Grundlagen der Datenanalyse, Textverarbeitung, Tabellenkalkulation, Präsentation, and Grundlagen der Statistik für Naturwissenschaftler/innen teach students independent and competent use of data processing programs for customer databases, data analysis, text and spreadsheet programs, presentation and statistics applications.

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