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Focus on sustainability

The University of Freiburg has published a new edition of its research magazine

Freiburg, Aug 08, 2017

Focus on sustainability

Foto: Sandra Meyndt

As well as outstanding research projects and special teaching projects, the uni’wissen research magazine is also focusing for the first time on a specific subject area: the magazine is reporting on concepts that deal with issues of sustainability from various perspectives. The current edition also contains articles on the work of the following academics:

A model for human dignity
Economist Prof. Dr. Karl Justus Bernhard Neumärker is certain that an unconditional basic income would have a real chance in Germany, "If any country can afford to introduce the basic income, then it's Germany. Our state has vast fortunes, and we at least have the right intellectual foundations for it with the idea of the social market economy."
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Alongside and simultaneous
Psychologist Prof. Dr. Andrea Kiesel is seeking strategies to simplify multitasking, "The fact that communication opportunities have changed means that we are more exposed to multitasking today than just 15 years ago."
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Authority and democratic education
In her postdoctoral thesis, historian Dr. Sonja Levsen explores why, unlike France, the Federal Republic experienced a dynamic change in education in the 1950s and 1960s, "After the end of the war, the Americans and the British too asked themselves what was wrong with the Germans."
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From idea to movement
Using a special mix of methods, the human neurophysiologist junior professor Dr. Christian Leukel has deciphered previously unknown neuronal mechanisms of motor control, "We depend on timing."
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Digitized dialects
English specialist Prof. Dr. Bernd Kortmann and his team are building a linguistic database that enables the analysis of English, Scottish and Welsh dialects, "We will prepare the data so that work can be done with it at various levels of competence."
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