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Advanced Museum Studies for Professionals

After completing a one-year test phase, "museOn" will be offered as a regular course of study

Freiburg, Jun 27, 2017

Advanced Museum Studies for Professionals

Advanced training event organized by museOn in the central art warehouse in Freiburg. Photo: Jürgen Gocke

Overseeing, Collection, Exhibiting, Teaching, Marketing, Managing and Digitalizing: "museOn – weiterbildung & netzwerk (museOn – advanced training & network") has developed an advanced learning module for each of these areas of a museum. After completing a one-year test phase, it will become a regular course of study with 26 courses that are categorized according to each module starting in the winter semester 2017/2018. The advanced training is designed for professionals that work in museums or in the area of exhibits and collections who wish to professionalize their work and expand their skill sets. It is also designed for people who would like to respond to the changing external and societal circumstances and cultural diversity or to the structural impact digitalization is having in order to further develop their abilities at the workplace. The enrollment deadline is July 31, 2017.

"What makes museOn so special is its blended learning format as well as the large cooperative network associated with the program," says Dr. Christian Wacker, academic project manager. Blended learning is a combination of e-learning in small classroom groups with individual and group learning activities on a learning platform called ILIAS at the University of Freiburg and a maximum of three on-site phases per semester at the University or at one of the institutions of the museum partners such as the city museums of Freiburg. In the past two years the museOn team has developed 40 individual courses with the help of over 40 theoretical and practical museum experts as well as professors from the University of Freiburg. In the past year nearly 100 test persons took the courses and gave them an evaluation. 26 of the 40 courses are being offered in the winter semester 2017/2018. The other 14 will be added in the summer semester 2018.

The modular system allows for a custom-made advanced training program tailored to each individual's need and interests along with various degrees: the courses can be taken individually or combined with a certificate in museum studies. For the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS), the participants wrote, for instance, a final paper in addition to the module's offering, in which they were able to apply what they had learned in class and relate it to their own professional practices.

Gregor Baldrich, Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum (German Sports & Olympia Museum):
"As a test person, I found museOn to be a great combination of concentrated learning and diversified on-site phases. The intense look at various museum topics such as the module eculture or digital collections strategies broadened both my professional and personal horizons. Taking on an advanced training program along with my regular work schedule meant more work for me, but through the blended learning concept I was able to manage both fairly easily."

More information about the course offerings, degrees, submission requirements and tuition fees

Article in the research magazine uni'wissen

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museOn – weiterbildung & netzwerk
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