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Trained Speakers, Experienced Collectors, Skillful Marketers

The new continuing education program “museOn” for work at museums and collections is the first of its kind in the German-speaking world

Freiburg, Apr 14, 2015

Trained Speakers, Experienced Collectors, Skillful Marketers

Englische BU: Kick-off workshop for the program "museOn - weiterbildung & netzwerk" at the University of Freiburg. Source: Uwe Nüssle

How can museums present their collections in the digital age, what makes up a good collection, and what can museums do to reach a broad, intercultural target group? These are the kinds of questions the University of Freiburg’s new continuing education program “museOn – weiterbildung & netzwerk” (“museOn – continuing education & network”) intends to answer. Unique in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, the program is intended for people already working at museums, galleries, and collections and will be developed by the University of Freiburg in cooperation with museums.

The continuing education program is tailored to the needs of the learners and has an innovative teaching concept. With an emphasis on online teaching, complemented by on-site training phases at selected museums, the curriculum will allow the participants to set their study schedule individually. The entire program will be developed by 2018, and the first students will have the opportunity to test the first modules at the beginning of the year 2016. From 2018 on, participants will be able to select freely from more than 50 courses according to their personal needs and interests – on topics ranging from object storage and dissemination of knowledge through media to the optimization of visitor experiences, fundraising, museum ethics, and crisis management. Special emphasis will be placed on the digitalization of museum work. The units will be taught in accordance with the blended learning principle, including a mix of self-learning phases with online materials and regular classroom teaching phases. In addition, the program will feature digital networking between the learners and the teachers.

A balanced mix of theory and practice will ensure that the participants receive high-quality training. The program will be organized at the university by the Department of Classical Archaeology, the Archaeological Collection, and the Department of Art History. Also participating in the program are Freiburg’s municipal museums. Moreover, “museOn” is cooperating with renowned institutions in the region and further afield, including the Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe, the Fondation Beyeler, the Basel Historical Museum, and the Vitra Design Museum, as well as the exhibition agency TRIAD, the logistics specialist hasenkamp, and Baden-Württemberg’s state library service.

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is providing the Freiburg Academy for Museum, Exhibition, and Collection Knowledge (FRAMAS) funding to develop and establish the program “museOn” within the context of the competition “Advancement through Education: Open Higher Education Institutions.” In an initial funding period lasting three and a half years, the academy will receive just under 1.2 million euros to develop the program. The second funding period is planned to run two and a half years. The continuing education program will offer various degrees. Depending on which modules the students combine, they can earn either a simple certificate of participation, the academically accredited Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS), or a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS). In addition, the team plans to develop the program into a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS).

Further Information: (online starting on 22 April)


Dr. Christian Wacker
Academic Project Manager
museOn – weiterbildung & netzwerk
University of Freiburg
Phone: +49 (0)761/203-98612

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