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BIOSS Accepting Applications for Award for the Promotion of Women

Cluster of Excellence BIOSS Helps Launch Careers with Barbara Hobom Prize

Freiburg, Oct 18, 2011

BIOSS Accepting Applications for Award for the Promotion of Women

Example of historical scientist. Source: Library of Congress

Worth a total of 10,000 euros, the Barbara Hobom Prize honors excellent female doctoral candidates with outstanding ideas for a dissertation project. The University of Freiburg’s Cluster of Excellence BIOSS (Centre for Biological Signalling Studies) is dedicated to promoting women in the natural sciences. The main aim of the promotional program for women at BIOSS is to strengthen and encourage young female scientists in their decision to pursue an academic career.

The Barbara Hobom Prize is intended for young female scientists in Freiburg with outstanding proposals for a dissertation project focusing on synthetic biology, signaling, or bioengineering. The prize was awarded for the first time last year.

Applications must be submitted by 21 November 2011.

Barbara Hobom was a biologist at the University of Freiburg who later became a successful science journalist. She helped coin the term “synthetic biology” as a synonym for the use of genetic engineering methods in a 1979 article on recombinant bacteria in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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