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teaching and learning

The University of Freiburg offers degree programs in around 200 fields of study and a wealth of opportunities for gaining further qualifications – with high-quality instructional approaches and a wide range of student services.


The virtual microscope

An app allows medical students to examine tissue samples on a computer screen

The virtual microscope - Read More…

Self-regulated learning

New analyses show that it is difficult for learners to accurately assess their own reading comprehension

Self-regulated learning - Read More…

A European eye for complex issues

The Epicur association maps out a Bachelor’s program, oriented towards the Liberal Arts and Sciences

A European eye for complex issues - Read More…

A neighborhood in transition

Cultural anthropology students launch an open-air exhibition to trace the development of a Freiburg district

A neighborhood in transition - Read More…

“Lending speech and sound to books”

Student preparatory work laid the groundwork for the exhibition “buochmeisterinne – Manuscripts and Early Printed Books from the Dominican Convent in Adelhausen”

“Lending speech and sound to books” - Read More…

For Outstanding Teaching and Student Commitment

Students and teachers can submit nominations for the University Teaching Award and the Special Award for Student Commitment until 3 May 2021

For Outstanding Teaching and Student Commitment - Read More…

Seen from Every Side

Despite the pandemic students are learning about the human body on the dissection course

Seen from Every Side - Read More…

Camera On or Off?

What the changes regarding online exams in the new State Higher Education Act mean for University of Freiburg students and teachers

Camera On or Off? - Read More…

Sustainable Gardening

Students train the fundamentals of agriculture

Sustainable Gardening - Read More…