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University library closed for maintenance on September 15, 2022

Routine check of the technical equipment

Freiburg, Sep 12, 2022

The University Library (UB) Freiburg will be closed for the whole day on Thursday, September 15, 2022, because of maintenance to technical equipment. The routine annual checks include the fire alarm system, the elevators and other technical equipment, as well as the power supply. There will also be a siren test, and the building loudspeakers will be checked.

The tests have to take place on a regular working day as this offers the ideal conditions and technical personnel are also rapidly available if necessary. In order to minimize the nuisance for users as much as possible, the management of the University Library has selected a date in the summer holidays.

Satellite libraries open, online services available as normal

On that date, students can use the University of Freiburg’s satellite libraries, which are open for their studies. The university library’s online services, such as catalogue and database research, will also be available during the tests.

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