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Highly Cited Researchers Ranking 2022: Six researchers at the University of Freiburg are among the most cited worldwide

Ranking recognizes researchers whose publications receive significant attention in the field

Freiburg, Nov 18, 2022

Highly Cited Researchers Ranking 2022: Six researchers at the University of Freiburg are among the most cited worldwide

Jürgen Bauhus, Carsten Dormann, Björn Grüning, Jörg Meerpohl, Marco Prinz, Lukas Schwingshackl. Photos: Jürgen Gocke, Roger Kupfer, Britt Schilling, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg

Six scientists from the University of Freiburg are among the 7,200 authors worldwide who have been cited most frequently in their fields of research over the past decade. Three of them work at the Medical Center - University of Freiburg. The company Clarivate Analytics annually honors the “Highly Cited Researchers” and is considered an important indicator of the influence of scientists and their publications. The ranking is based on an evaluation of the most frequently cited papers in the “Web of Science” literature database.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bauhus and Prof Dr. Carsten Dormann from the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Freiburg are represented in the ranking. Jürgen Bauhus’ research focuses on forest structure and dynamics, nutrient and carbon cycling in forests, and ecological interactions in forest ecosystems. Carsten Dormann researches and develops methods of statistical ecology for the analysis of ecological networks, for example. Dr. Björn Grüning from the Department of Computer Science is an expert in bioinformatics and leads the Freiburg Galaxy team. Galaxy is an open source platform for Big Data analysis in the life sciences.

“Highly Cited Researchers” from the Medical Faculty of the University of Freiburg inlcude Prof. Dr. Jörg Meerpohl, Head of the Institute for Evidence in Medicine (IfEM) at the Medical Center - University of Freiburg and Scientific Director of the Cochrane Germany Foundation, Prof. Dr. Marco Prinz, Head of the Institute for Neuropathology at Medical Center - University of Freiburg, and PD Dr. Lukas Schwingshackl, Research Group Leader at IfEM and Cochrane Germany. Meerpohl and his team are developing new ways to make scientific findings available to physicians more quickly, soundly and comprehensibly in reviews. Prinz investigates the role of the immune system in the healthy brain and its involvement in diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and brain tumors. His research includes the influence of nutrition and epigenetics on the formation of the immune system in the brain. Schwingshackl evaluates studies on the influence of nutrition on health and develops new methods for future nutritional guidelines.


About the Ranking

The company Clarivate Analytics determines the names of the “Highly Cited Researchers” on the basis of the most cited publications in the literature database “Web of Science.” The ranking includes the authors of research papers that belong to the top one percent in their field in the Web of Science citation index. Papers published and cited in the period from January 2011 to December 2021 were considered in 2022. In total, the ranking lists more than 7,200 researchers from 69 countries.

More about the Ranking


Google Scholar Profiles of the Researchers:

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bauhus

Prof. Dr. Carsten Dormann

Dr. Björn Grüning

Prof. Dr. Jörg Meerpohl

Prof. Dr. Marco Prinz

Dr. Lukas Schwingshackl


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