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Disco Rebels, Iconoclasts, Athletic Aces

Find them all in the latest issue of the university newspaper, uni'life

Freiburg, Mar 12, 2018

The rhythm of rebellion
Disco fever -- with its thumping sound, style and glitz -- conquered Germany during the late 1970s. It even spread to rural Black Forest villages. Discotheques back then promised their guests a feeling of freedom and offered opportunities for casual partying and flirting. While today's clubs take much more nuanced approach to catering to specific clientèle, cult discos, with their popular down-home 1970s and 1980s ambiance, are enjoying a revival on social media.
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The return of the iconoclast

Many see Anselm Kiefer as one of the most significant artists of the contemporary period. The alumnus of the University of Freiburg has now received an honorary doctorate from his alma mater. In an interview with uni'life, Anselm Kiefer speaks of his student days in Freiburg and his works, which frequently address historical topics. He also tells us why he has a row of containers 300 meters long that hold unfinished or failed works which he later rediscoveres as an iconoclast.
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Get old, stay fit

What influence does nutrition and working out have on the health of elderly people in particular? In order to find out, the nutrition section of the Institute of Sports Science and Physical Education has opened a new facility called the Nutrition + Training Laboratory (NuTraLab). There researchers are studying how nutrition and physical activity interact and can be individually controlled to achieve optimal results. Today's demographic trends are driving this approach. “People are getting older and older, but most of them don't remain healthy,” says the head of the lab, Prof. Dr. Daniel König.
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More than just ECTS-points

The Center for Key Qualifications (ZfS) of the University of Freiburg is offering a new course format, the “Service Learning” module, during the winter semester of 2017/2018. The program gives students an opportunity to work for charities that are primarily dedicated to intercultural activity and migration. “Service Learning” combines voluntary commitment with a university education. Those who successfully complete the module will receive six ECTS credit points.
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